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I must acknowledge the wonderful people in my life who are a part of this process. To my sisters, Dianne Jantzen and Denise Wright, my nephew, Justin Wright and my niece Becky Hawk, you've been an inspiration.

To my friends Jason Lemarr, Mark Stout, Greg Rowland, Robbie Rickey, Paul Eller, Jeff Zielny-Landtroop, Larry Omans, Terri Salisbury, Debra Salazar, Norm and Carmel Jackson, Jerry Owens, Nick Owens, Eric Winkle, Price Brown, Dorothy Butler, Nancy Anspaugh and Silvio Kimmel, thank you. I truly appreciate your contribution to the process.

Many thanks to my entire family in America and Australia, including the ones no longer with us. All were, and are, major contributors to my growth, happiness and success.

I would also like to acknowledge two close friends from my distant past, Richard B. and Tom P. They both passed years ago, but they are very much alive in my memory. Both were instrumental in their own way in influencing the creation of these books.

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