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I retired from the US Postal Service in 2010, after thirty-six years. Not long after, I became the proofreader and jack of all trades for author Connie Suttle, a long-time, very close friend.

With Connie as my inspiration, I decided to write a book of my own, Malefactor. The manuscript languished in a dusty computer folder for almost twenty years before I finally found my author's voice. I felt I had a good story idea, but I basically had to start over, because the old manuscript was woefully out of date.

The bulk of the writing occurred in February and March 2016 while on a research trip to Australia with Connie and her family. Many months of severe editing followed, and the book was finally published August 23, 2016.

Currently, I'm working on the sequel, Transgressor.

I'm in my early 60s, gay and single. I live in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, USA, with my two kids, Dingo and Ringo, miniature long-coat Chihuahuas.

Thank you for visiting my website.

To my sisters Dianne Jantzen and Denise Wright, and friends Mark Stout, Jeff Zielny, Larry Omans, Greg Rowland, Debra Salazar, Carmel Jackson, Jerry Owens, Nick Owens, Eric Winkle, Price Brown and Dorothy Butler. I truly appreciate your assistance with the book. Thank you!

Many thanks to my entire family, including the ones no longer with us. All were, and are, major contributors to my growth, happiness, mental health and success.

I would also like to acknowledge two close friends from my distant past, Richard B. and Tom P. They both passed years ago, but they are very much alive in my memory. Both were instrumental in their own way in influencing the creation of this book.

A special thanks to Connie Suttle, who has encouraged me from the beginning to accomplish my dream of publishing this book. I would not have reached this moment without her support, sterling example and the occasional nudge to move my book along. I can't express how much I admire Connie's commitment to her craft, and how much I appreciate her friendship, talent and generosity over the past forty-plus years!

For some really great books, check out Connie's complete catalog at subtledemon.com.

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