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What the Customers Say

Joe is my go-to guy for everything I need—he does all my editing/proofreading, formatting my books for publication, website maintenance and mailing of physical copies of my books to fans who buy from my website. I couldn't ask for anyone easier to work with, and he is a wonderful sounding board for any new ideas and projects I have. I have been working with him since I began publishing as an indie author in 2011, and (55 books later) have always trusted him to present my books in the best and most positive ways possible.—Connie Suttle, September 14, 2018

(Connie Suttle writes urban fantasy, paranormal fantasy and science-fiction. She's about to publish her 56th book in just a little more than seven years! She has twelve different series—so far. Please visit SubtleDemon.com to explore the wealth of imagination and talent found there.)

Joe is an amazing editor; very experienced and the customer service was brilliant—so helpful! I like the fact that he takes a genuine interest in the book and the success of the author. He goes beyond the scope of the purchased work. Joe was attentive, professional and delivered the product on time. His encouraging words and feedback were so inspiring. Thank you so much, Joe. I recommend anyone to use his services…I have no regrets.—Dr. Phyllis Browning, August 16, 2018

(Dr. Browning is a nurse entrepreneur who recently published her first book titled If You Listen to Me; Anti-Bullying Training for Acute Care Hospital Staff. You can learn more about Dr. Browning and her book by visiting her website: brass-edu.com)