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— noun
1. A person who violates the law
2. A person who does harm or evil, especially toward another
3. To act wickedly, do an evil deed

Antonym: Benefactor

* * *

"I’ll pay you $10,000 just to listen to my offer of employment, Mr. Gifford."

Private investigator Ren Gifford is hired by an eccentric billionaire to locate Glen Moreland, an employee who has disappeared. Everything about the case is strange, from the initial meeting with the client to the constant meddling by the client’s front man. Glen had deliberately gone off the grid to avoid dire consequences he knew he would face when his employment contract ended.

As Ren delves deeper into the case, he learns how and why Glen fled. Shocked by the grisly details, Ren wonders how Glen was able to continue working for his employer for almost five years. Ren deduces Glen’s location, but faces a moral dilemma; whether to honor his commitment to his client and give him Glen’s whereabouts or help Glen escape.

Deciding on the latter would incur his client’s wrath and possibly deadly vengeance.

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— noun
1. One who violates a law, command, moral code, etc.; offends; sins
2. One who infringes upon or goes beyond (a limit, boundary, etc.)
3. One who transgresses the bounds of prudence, decency, etc.

* * *

The text message read:
Call me in two minutes, Warren, or you’ll be dead in three. — M

Six months after successfully out-maneuvering the Malefactor, private investigator Ren Gifford is sucked back into M’s vortex of evil manipulation. Despite the Malefactor’s promise to leave Ren and company alone, he ultimately refuses to accept defeat. As a result, Ren and Terry, with Russ, Alex and Glen, find themselves in another battle of wits to survive.

M coerces former accomplices, including Warren Millpond, to assist in his quest to destroy Ren. With vast wealth and resources at his command, M believes he is invincible. Ren, however, is not without resources of his own. New friendships spring from old, and Ren finds support in powerful new allies.

The battle for survival has begun.

Revenge is a dish best served cold —
but who will be the victor to set the table?

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