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About Me

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(Photo by Terri Salisbury, May 27, 2018)

I retired from the US Postal Service in January 2010 after thirty-six and a half years, at age fifty-five. I always enjoyed my career with the Postal Service, but I was ready to retire and move on to different endeavors.

During the last twenty-five years of my career, I rose through the ranks, finally finding my niche as the Manager of Budget and Financial Analysis for the Oklahoma District. My natural affinity for writing was developed along the way.

In 2007, my friend Connie Suttle asked me to read a draft of one of her books, and I agreed immediately, as long as she didn't mind me providing an honest critique.

We worked so well together that I soon became her primary proofreader and copy editor, thereby discovering my second career.

After proofreading fifty-plus books, it turns out I'm fairly good at it! I decided to start my own business to see if I could help unpublished authors get their manuscripts in order and published.

In addition, I found my own author's voice and have written two mysteries, with a third in progress.

Between proofreading for Connie and others and trying to work on my own books, I am busier in retirement than I was before I left the Postal Service! And that's not a bad thing.

I live in Oklahoma City with my two dogs, Dingo and Ringo, both miniature long-coat Chihuahuas.