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What the Customers Say

Connie Suttle

Joe is my go-to guy for everything I need—he does all my editing/proofreading, formatting my books for publication, website maintenance and mailing of physical copies of my books to fans who buy from my website. I couldn't ask for anyone easier to work with, and he is a wonderful sounding board for any new ideas and projects I have. I have been working with him since I began publishing as an indie author in 2011, and (55 books later) have always trusted him to present my books in the best and most positive ways possible.—Connie Suttle, September 14, 2018

(Connie Suttle writes urban fantasy, paranormal fantasy and science-fiction. She will publish her next book in late summer 2020, her 57th in nine years! She has thirteen different series—so far. Please visit SubtleDemon.com to explore the wealth of imagination and talent found there.)

Dr. Phyllis Browning

Joe is an amazing editor; very experienced and the customer service was brilliant—so helpful! I like the fact that he takes a genuine interest in the book and the success of the author. He goes beyond the scope of the purchased work. Joe was attentive, professional and delivered the product on time. His encouraging words and feedback were so inspiring. Thank you so much, Joe. I recommend anyone to use his services…I have no regrets.—Dr. Phyllis Browning, August 16, 2018

(Dr. Browning is a nurse entrepreneur who recently published her first book titled If You Listen to Me; Anti-Bullying Training for Acute Care Hospital Staff. You can learn more about Dr. Browning and her book by visiting her website: brass-edu.com)

Kimberly Mays

The process of writing a manuscript is daunting. The process of prepping to publish is even more intimidating. I was privileged to meet Joe through a fellow author. Face to face he was kind and encouraging offering to take me through all the stages of editing, proofing, and formatting when my manuscript was complete.

This is my first novel and I thought it was just writing, turned out there's a lot more to the process. Joe is an amazing editor and even taught me some things. Okay, let's face it; a lot of things. Joe took me from beginning to end, making my manuscript amazing compared to what it was in the raw stages.

I'm a new author and do not plan on publishing until 2022. At that point I plan to have four books ready to publish in a series. I intend to keep Joe as my editor through all my books. Joe is more than an editor he has become my friend.

I was worried with us being a couple of thousand miles apart that it would be difficult to work together. He assured me that wouldn't be a problem. It turned out he was right. Between phone calls, e-mails and video conferences; everything went swimmingly. So, let me assure you that distance poses no problem with Joe.

I'm excited about becoming a published author. I know not to worry, that when I decide the time is right, Joe will be there for me. He's worth every penny and then some. So, all I can say to new authors and experienced writers is Joe is an amazing asset and I couldn't imagine doing this without him.
—Kimberly Mays, July 26, 2019

(Dream Realm is the first book in the Realm Overlay series and is urban fantasy with a little twist of romance thrown in. Look for its debut in 2020. To find out more about Kim and her first fantasy series, please visit MaysRealmEscapes.com)

Brett Humphrey

If you are looking for someone to help you publish your book, I highly recommend Joe Scholes at JDS Literary Services. Not only does Joe provide excellent editing services, but he also provides invaluable assistance in navigating the publishing world as an independent author. Joe has helped me become a better writer through our collaboration and is invested in my success as an author as well. From the first time I contacted Joe about editing services to Joe's setting everything up so I could hit 'Publish' online, he has been professional, courteous, and has gone above and beyond.

I look forward to more collaboration in the future.
—Brett Humphrey, December 2019

(Brett Humphrey is a newly published author who writes fantasy novels targeted towards children from nine to twelve years old. He is now working on his fourth book, Rebellion, in the Dragonborn series, which he plans to publish in mid-summer. Please visit BrettHumphreyAuthor.com to learn more about Brett and his debut series.)