JDS Literary Services, LLC

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Hourly Rates*
Updated May21, 2020

Tier 1: $15
• Responding to customer emails/inquiries
• Packing, Shipping, Mailing
• General Internet Research
• Process Customer Orders (including invoicing
• Errands (plus mileage)
• Other Basic Assistant Duties
Tier 2: $20 - $25
• Technical Assistance (working with hosting services, troubleshooting, etc.)
• Self-Publishing Consultation
• Developing Marketing Strategies
• Monitor/Maintain Social Media
• Other tasks as determined by me
Tier 3: $30 - $35
• Website Design/Maintenance1
• Sales Reporting/Analysis
• Design Work2 (business cards, promo materials, flyers, etc.)
• Advanced Excel Spreadsheet Development or Maintenance
• Fact Checking
  • Other tasks as determined by me

    1In addition to a one-time setup charge of $100
    2Excluding book cover design

  • *No minimums. Time is computed minute-by-minute. Rates are subject to change without notice and may be negotiated. Rates are in addition to materials (promotional, etc.) and services (website hosting, etc.), which will be billed at cost.

    Tier 4: Proofreading and Copy/Developmental Editing
    • Anything less than 10,000 words: 1.5¢/word or $15/hr, whichever is greater
    • Fiction less than 30,000 words: 1.5¢/word
    • Fiction at or over 30,000 words: 1¢/word
    • Non-fiction 2¢/word
    • Technical Manuals: 3¢/word
    Tier 4 Prices Include:
    • 1 electronic read-through, including computer software analysis
    • 1 paper read-through

    See below for a full explanation of the Process.

    Before submitting documents to me, they must be properly formatted as Word documents, with the best spelling, punctuation and grammar you can achieve. I'm not here to rewrite your book for you! If I determine that your manuscript does not meet these requirements, you will be given the option to either correct it yourself or let me correct it at the Tier 3 rate.

    The first pass is electronic and includes computer software analysis. There is where the proofing occurs, checking for spelling, punctuation, grammar, consistency, etc. I send you the suggested corrections as a marked-up PDF document. You incorporate the suggestions you accept and return the manuscript to me for a second pass.

    The second pass is what I call the "paper pass," which is where the copy/developmental editing occurs. I print the manuscript and check for incorrect word usage, sentence structure, readability, continuity, tone and possibly offer advice on content.

    * Editing suggestions are yours to accept or reject as you see fit.

    Tier 5: A La Carte Services
    Interior eBook/Print Formatting Only (No Tier 4 Services) for Finished Works: $79.99
    • Amazon Kindle
    • Barnes and Noble Nook
    • Books
    • Kobo
    • Google Play Books
    • Generic
    • Print on Demand

    Cover Design: $250 - $400
    Note: Complex cover designs are not my specialty. If that is what you need, please check the Links page to be referred to an exceptionally qualified cover artist.